Carpet Stain Removal


A lot of stains on a carpet can be easily removed by just using water. The trick here is to act quickly before the stain has a chance to spread or take hold. Wet the area thoroughly and begin blotting the area with a large white cloth or old towel. You may need to apply more water and use more than one cloth. But it should work if you’re patient.
wine glass spilling
Work from the outside of the stain inwards to prevent it spreading and don’t scrub. Being over zealous with a scrubbing brush can cause patch on the carpet that looks different from the rest of the carpet.

Some stains won’t budge with just water alone. We can then turn to white vinegar. White vinegar mixed with some water (equal amounts) then apply the same blotting treatment as described above,.

Some stains are tougher to deal with, wine, fruit juice ketchup. Fruit juices come in different varieties and it’s cranberry juice that’s a real toughie. Liquid hand wash mixed with water mixed with warm water applied to the stain and then the blotting technique to lift the stain out.


To get ketchup out of a carpet scoop up as much as you can straight away. Use a store bought pre-clothes spray, spray and leave for 20 minutes then vacuum

Red Wine

Red wine can be dealt with by pouring a little white wine on it to neutralize the color a little. Start cleaning with water and blotting, finally sprinkle salt over the damp area and leave for ten minutes. After ten minutes vacuum up the salt.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice should be tackled by scooping as much of it from the carpet as you can

These tips should tackle the majority of stains out of your carpet. for more great tips follow this Reader’s Digest article