DIY Deep Steam Clean

Steam Cleaning

How to do a deep DIY clean of your carpet. There comes a time when a carpet no longer looks its best. The once-a-week vacuum doesn’t help, the carpet looks old and tired and flat.

There’s not much that’s going to help with a worn or damaged carpet. It’s worth remembering that there are plenty of rugs which come in all shapes and sizes, designs and patterns. Use these creatively and you’ll have a tapestry of designs and textures that can either complement the old carpet or create a bold statement.

Professional Steam Cleaner
Professional Steam Cleaner

Tips for Steam Cleaning

Back to our deep carpet cleaning; with matted or stained carpets there’s hope. Steam cleaners is the way to go and these can be purchase or hired. The hire ones tend to be more industrial and heavy but they come in many different designs.

Best to remove all furniture from the room or rooms to be tackled. then you’ll want to give the carpets a good vacuum before you start. Go over the carpet several times to give it a really good, deep clean. Then you’re ready to use the steam cleaner.

The main thing to remember is that we don’t want our carpets to get too wet. For this reason use a “one-pass” approach when using the steam cleaner. The first pass will be with the recommended solution of soap and water. The second pass uses the recommended neutralizing mixture. Finally we dry off, the steam cleaner with have a mode where it sucks up moisture and you want to go over the carpet at least two or three times.

The carpet will still be wet and will take several hours to dry out completely. You want to avoid walking on the carpet until it’s completely dry. To reduce the drying time, turn up the heating or, if it’s a nice day, open all the windows.

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